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Addictions Abuse Counseling

Addictions have many names and might look very dissimilar from one another. While the behaviors seem vastly different, we now know they share many of the same traits, and stem from very similar internal mechanisms. It doesn’t matter if its substance abuse, gambling, pornography, sex, or any the other numerous activities or emotional escape methods a person can become addicted to. Addictions will create serious complications in your personal life, and can hurt those around you.

If you struggling with addiction but feel “rehab” or intensive programs are not right for you, Individual sessions focused on addiction counseling may be the right option for you. We have worked within several Inpatient programs, Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP), and Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP). We recognize these models are not for everyone. In some situations the addiction can be managed through consistent individual therapy. This mitigates the need to leave your job or family for months at a time. While intensive treatments are needed for some, it is not always best answer.

Additionally if we recognizes that the client would benefit from a higher level of care, or even from medically monitored detox, we can help this transition happen seamlessly. We provide free consultation, assessments, and intake for multiple programs across the nation. Once you return home, we will be here to continue to walk along side of you in this new chapter of your life. One where you know how to exercise power and control over your addiction.

Addiction is tough: Managing the triggers and the compulsions can sometimes seem impossible. Often times you may feel fear, anxiety, failure, worthlessness, humiliation and even contempt. If you’ve tried to break the ‘habit’ and have stumbled, or if you have obstacles that always seem to throw themselves in your way, we can help. Breaking your substance abuse alone is not as simple as it sounds. We were never meant to tackle all of life alone.

It’s important to remember you’re not ‘weak’. Substance abuse is a vicious cycle that requires you to learn new coping skills. We work to create a personalized plan that you can achieve based on your schedule, personal values and life goals.

Judegement Free

We often find people are too ashamed or scared to seek the help they need when it comes to substance abuse. You’re not alone, and there is never any judgement in our office. Some of our staff has had to overcome an addiction of their own. Millions of Americans function on a day to day basis with addiction in one form or another. Prescription opioids are one such example of how a normal, drug free person can get develop an addition. Something that was taken out of trust and even prescribed by a clinician can become the unsuspected catalyst to addiction.