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Child and Teen Counseling

If you concerned about your child and seem unable to breakthrough, you may want to consider child and teen counseling. Some factors that may impact your child’s mental well-being could be divorce or joint custody, school, friendships, emotions, body changes, dealing with new hormones or other family issues.

We all want to see young people happy and engaged in their learning. This allows them to pursue their strengths and enjoy positive relationships. Family, friends, school, community, and societal influences all contribute to a young person’s emotional health and well-being.

Counseling can add another great layer of support in a young child’s life. It provides encouragement for your child’s development of communication skills and healthy social relationships. It also reinforces the message that their thoughts and feelings are important, and that talking it about challenges is a healthy way to get help with them. Young people often appreciate the chance to speak about what’s on their minds in private with a non-judgmental adult outside their family.

Counseling helps young people communicate and manage feelings more skillfully, strengthen relationships and navigate challenging experiences. These skills serve them at home, at school and with friends. When it works well, family members share the benefits of a child or adolescent’s therapy.

Parent Consultation

If your child is unwilling to participate in counseling, or you feel with a little guidance you can handle the situation, parenting consulting might be good option for you. Parenting consultation can be helpful for you to address everyday questions and concerns. None of us were born parents, and without the right support group, parenting effectively can seem like a daunting task. We are here to help you work through issues as they arise. Sessions are available on a short or long term basis.