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Cognitive Behavioral Modification

Life is full of situations, environments, and people you cannot control. As you progress in life, there are always multiple factors at play affecting who you are and how you behave. These different scenarios, people, and uncontrollable elements affect who you are and how you act.

CALM in the Storm is here to help you live the healthiest, happiest life you can. One way we can help you achieve such a life is through behavior modification. We often find clients are not happy with their behaviors and the outcomes they produces. Other times, people are unaware of how their behaviors are related to their relationships at home and at work. If this is the case, you may need a little help to resolve it. This is where Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) can help.

Maybe you’ve already identified where your behavior is going wrong, or the negative consequences of your behavior and that you’d like to change. If you are not pleased with how your intentions are received, but you aren’t quite sure where the problem lies we can help.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Who Can CBT Help?

People of all ages and backgrounds may benefit from CBT. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable, assist you in identifying any misperceptions or the cognitive dissonance between your old behaviors and your true intentions, and then implement planned and refined behavior modifications. These behavior modifications will be monitored so we can see how they elicit new and different responses from those around you. They can even change the way we feel about ourselves. This change is not instant and is sometimes hard to see from your subjective perspective. We need an unbiased objective perspective, monitoring your changes and the subsequent changes, to help us maintain these changes.