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Couples counseling might be the modality of choice is you are experiencing difficulty in family or romantic relationships. Effective couples counseling can help with  include repetitive arguments, premarital/pre-commitment anxieties or issues, problems of infidelity, life-stage issues (such as managing career, children and the relationship or perhaps the empty-nest phase or mid-life issues), or phases in which one partner has changed in a manner that is different from the other partner.

Often, couples fear the ‘need’ to go to counseling, and as a result, they often wait until the relationship is in a crisis. While anxiety provoking for many couples, couples counseling can be a great opportunity to grow together. Couples counseling provides an opportunity to work on communication, return to a better place in the relationship, but even more importantly, it offers a unique opportunity for each partner to learn and to grow in the presence of the other. This truly profound experience of growing together can be life changing.