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In Home Visits

Many times life’s requirements make it difficult to schedule a 60-minute session at a counseling center across town. You may be overwhelmed with works deadlines, have trouble finding childcare, or face difficulties managing medical issues for yourself or someone in your family.

A clinician from CALM in the Storm INC can meet you in your home, at your office, or at any location where you feel comfortable speaking openly about your concerns. If you know you are about to face a triggering situation or go through a difficult experience you can request to schedule a session where your clinician joins you, so they can observe and discuss how you are processing the situation.

You may have to re-visit the site where a trauma took place, because its held power over you for to long. You may have to attend a child’s sporting event and control yourself around an antagonistic ex and the new partner. We do not want there to be any reason or obstacle preventing you from being able to start working on yourself.

Furthermore, if we are unable to meet in person, we can also schedule a phone session with you.
*In home visits have a slightly higher rate than standard sessions. This is to compensate the clinician for his drive and the inability to schedule directly before and after your session. Phone sessions are kept at the standard rate.