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Life Adjustment Counseling

Life can change in an instant. When major changes in life occur, they can bring feelings of loss, grief, anxiety, exhaustion, or depression. The challenge for each of us is to find the uncharted and indescribable balance; how do we move through the most difficult times, process the places of pain and struggle, and also find the places of joy and the peace when all we can feel is the instability in change?

Major life changes can look very different for people. Some of the most difficult transitions can include chronic and terminal illness, bereavement, anxiety, forgiveness, relationship-endings, caregiver burnout, and retirement.

No matter what the chance, we can help guide you through it.

Divorce and Adjustment Therapy

A very common major life change we see in today’s society is divorce. Divorce can be emotionally traumatic for both partners by triggering feelings of anger and anxiety. Sometimes even guilt and shame. 

This is especially true for couples who have been married for 10, 20, or even 30 years and now find themselves in the midst of a divorce. Divorce can have responding effects on the children as well. Even when they are considered the adult children, divorce can have a deep impact in their world.

We work with clients to help them process the end of the marriage, and help them focus on their individual successes and accomplishments, seeing this life transition as an opportunity for personal growth and development.  At a time in your life when you may feel the most alone, know that there is someone there to listen and help you work through the transition.