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Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is specialized counseling that addresses any kind of sexual issue that people may face, and it can take a variety of forms. Many people and their partners will see a sex therapist to address relationship challenges. While most of these are couples, many clients wish to improve their nontraditional or polyamorous relationships.

Sex and relationship therapy can go hand-in-hand, so a sex therapist will often address issues such as intimacy, communication, relationship enhancement, and infidelity. Relationship therapy is also the preferred approach (when possible) for people who struggle with sexual dysfunctions, such as erectile dysfunction or struggles with orgasm. Sex therapy is also useful in negotiating and rekindling a sexual life for people who experience painful sexual intercourse and for people who have become chronically ill or disabled.

Sex Therapy

Treating Trauma and PTSD

There are a variety of ways to work through and resolve trauma, and they all begin with trust, safety and cultivating self-care resources. Working with trauma through the mind and body together has proven to be the most effective, according to studies