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Veteran Adjustment Counseling

Those transitioning from the military also face a unique challenge: adapting back to civilian life. The following are just a few examples veterans have shared that make sense to those who have felt the same pain in transition.

Anywhere else in the world, when someone spends 4, 6, or 10 years studing their trade and refining how well they perform in their profession they come back with a bachelors, masters or doctorate degree. However many times we come back from serving and have little from our military career that translates over into civilian life. You have experience , but it is in a different type of knowledge. For some, the longer it takes finding your new place or job in this world the more bitter you become. You may look around and get bothered that those around you take this life for granted. That they don’t know what you know, and they seem happy and on top of the world. This feeling grows and only seems to make you feel more and more separated from others.

Other times we return home and realize that after we hung up the uniform for good, we no longer truly know who the man or woman is that was underneath. It may not settle in for a while. Even a year or two. But then one morning we recognize that we don’t know who we are anymore. There is a loss of identity.

Perhaps we recognize that after we have packed the uniform away and open our eyes, we are faced with a family that is broken. Partner or children who have been holding onto straws for years. They may be angry, exhausted, and unsure how this new change is going to affect them. The only thing everyone can agree on, is no one knows how you fit into this picture anymore. Especially now that you are home all the time.

These are just a few of the stories we have worked with here at CALM in the Storm INC. If you are a veteran you may relate to one, or all of them. We’re sure you have a few stories of your own as well. It doesn’t matter if you are a new veteran or you served decades ago. There is a special way to approach counseling for veterans like us.

We can also assist you in VA claims, managing e-benefits, and connecting you with veteran resources in the area. Additionally EMDR and Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy is available for combat, training scenarios, as well as everyday anxiety provoking situations

Please also look at our section on The SHEEPDOG Program as well.