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Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy

Here at CALM in the Storm we have clinicians trained in the use of cutting-edge Virtual Reality hardware. This hardware utilizes various software programs uniquely designed to create scenarios which expose the client to situations they consider adverse. Exposure to these scenarios helps the client learn to control their reactions to these triggers. Eventually the adverse stimuli no longer has as strong of an effect. After continued treatment many clients lose their fear of the trigger completely. This is very similar to older models of exposure therapy where the counselor would bring in a spider and slowly bring it closer to the client. However exposure therapy using Virtual Reality allows for much greater applications.

From sitting in an airplanes as it goes through turbulence to driving simulators that put you over a high bridge. Spiders to heights. Combat scenarios to dentist offices. Virtual Reality Exposure therapy truly helps clients gain increasing amounts of control over their reactions. VR Exposure therapy is an amazing new intervention that has shown incredible results for the clients who have participated in it.